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FAQ for LAT Token Sale contributors
  1. Please, push “wallet” in the top right corner: https://sale.magicbtc.org/
  2. Sign in to wallet.magicbtc.org
  3. Push "wallet" in the top corner of the dashboard (a bar on the left side).
  4. Fill in all the boxes and follow the instructions (check the screenshot in the bottom).
  5. You’ll need to transfer ETH from your ETH wallet to your magicbtc wallet.
Don’t forget to send transaction DATA.
Login window disappears in 5-30 seconds after you're successfully authorized.
If nothing happens – check your Internet connection; refresh the page (Ctrl+F5 or Cmd+Shift+R for Mac); try again.
It is ok, but one of the transactions will be executed later (2-3 days)
No, you need to transfer from your ETH wallet using transaction DATA.
Will are in the process of listing on several exchanges including the top ones.
  1. Double check all steps in "How can I buy LAT?" question (see above).
  2. Make sure you’ve made a transfer from ETH wallet to your magicbtc wallet (using transaction DATA) via https://etherscan.io/ (check txhash).
  3. Wait at least several hours after contributing. ETH transactions sometimes have delays.
  4. In other cases pls contact Support Team directly: @paveloskov in Telegram or @pavel in Slack.
  1. magicbtc platform is already operational: feel free to buy tokenized shares, oil and gold futures.
  2. We already have lists of partners, buyers & sellers ready to onboard.
  3. magicbtc already has 3.000+ contributors (by 5 Sept. 2017).
  4. magicbtc has a world class team & advisors, including:
    • Cecilia Mueller Chen (former COO of UBS, Chief Compliance Officer at China Construction Bank and Chief Regulatory Officer at Deutsche Borse)
    • MikeJones (Former CEO, MySpace)
    • Anish Mohamed (Hyperloop and HSBC advisor),
    • David Drake (LDJ Capital & LDJ Real Estate);
    • Ismail Malik (Blockchain Lab chairman);
magicbtc Wallet Interface
General FAQ
magicbtc is a blockchain platform for creating and trading asset tokens. It allows cryptoholders to diversify their portfolio by getting access to tokens linked to the price of real assets. magicbtc enables asset owners to unlock the value of assets by creating and selling their asset tokens. As a result, cryptocurrencies will be widely used in the real economy.
magicbtc facilitates the broad use of cryptocurrencies in the real economy and allows cryptoholders to diversify their portfolio by getting access to tokens linked to the price of real assets.

For crypto holders, magicbtc opens global access to real assets using cryptocurrency with low transaction costs and maximum transparency and security.

magicbtc allows crypto holders to diversify using cryptocurrency across all the major asset classes (equity, debt, commodities, real estate, works of art) ensuring single compliance and disclosure standards. Other asset-backed tokens may be also traded on LAT Platform if they meet the compliance standards.

magicbtc offers a unique opportunity for crypto holders to gain exposure to the value of illiquid assets accessible only to large investors (such as real estate and artwork) and thus increase their ROI and diversify their portfolio.

magicbtc allows asset owners to unlock the value of their assets (e.g. real estate, works of art) and gain instant liquidity by creating asset tokens and selling them to cryptoholders with minimal transaction costs.
The majority of global asset classes are tradable at LAT Platform in a form of asset tokens: shares, bonds, loans, real estate, gold, commodities, even works of art. Tokenization allows to greatly increase their liquidity and dramatically reduce transaction costs.
  • magicbtc allows crypto holders to diversify using cryptocurrency across all the major asset classes ensuring single compliance and disclosure standards. Other asset-backed tokens may be also traded on LAT Platform if they meet the compliance standards.
  • magicbtc is based on a profitable home equity marketplace and a back office for hedge funds founded by Valentin Preobrazhenskiy, who invested $1 mln in these businesses.
  • The LAT Platform is already operational allowing to tokenize assets, list them for sale and trade on the secondary market. Tokenized Apple and Amazon shares are already traded on the LAT Platform, trading of tokens backed by real estate and works of art will be launched soon.

At LAT Platform you can buy asset tokens backed by publicly traded assets (shares, bonds, gold, and commodities) using cryptocurrency. The process is as follows:

  1. magicbtc issues liquid asset tokens backed by publicly traded assets (e.g. an Apple share)
  2. You buy asset token at LAT Platform using cryptocurrency
  3. On the pre-determined settlement date, magicbtc buys back asset token from you at the current market price of the underlying asset (e.g. the current market price of an Apple share at the NASDAQ)
  1. At LAT Platform you can buy asset tokens with cryptocurrency without the need to convert to fiat
  2. Lower transaction costs and tokenization at LAT Platform allow even small retail crypto holders to benefit from stocks, bonds and commodities upside potential
  1. Asset owner signs an agreement with a LAT-certified custodian transferring ownership rights to the custodian
  2. The custodian issues tokens linked to the price of the asset and sells them to cryptoholders on the LAT platform
  3. Cryptoholders may sell asset tokens on a secondary market

The buy back price is determined by an independent appraisal of your asset conducted right before the settlement date.

The price of your asset may stay the same, but, most likely, it will either increase or decline, depending on the market situation. The logic is simple: if the price of your asset falls, you pay back less, than you have borrowed. If the price goes up, so does the amount of money you have to pay to buy your asset back.

If you don't buy your asset token back on the settlement date, the trustee will sell the asset at fiat currency auction. The auction proceeds will be distributed among the asset token holders in crypto-currency or fiat.
The link between the token and the real asset is enforced by the trustee who holds the actual asset and technically issues the tokens.
LAT is the main cryptocurrency for trading tokenized assets as it is used for market making and liquidity enhancement by magicbtc liquidity fund. Thus, the demand for LAT correlates with the trading volume at the LAT Platform. Turnover of asset-backed tokens may exceed $14 trillion in 2025 and LAT is well-positioned to become one of the most stable and popular cryptocurrencies for the real economy. LAT is also used to pay transactional fees to the platform node holders.

We are planning to raise $40 million. The funds will be used for the further development of the Asset Token module and AI software, onboarding of asset owners and crypto holders, and product marketing.

The Token sale proceeds will be used for asset owners’ and crypto holders’ engagement to LAT platform (40%), token module development (10%), proof-of-assets servicing deployment (10%), AI underwriting development (5%), LAT fund for market making and providing liquidity (20%), the team bonus pool (10% capped at $1 mln), administrative expenses (5%).

Some of the asset-backed tokens issued at the LAT Platform may be considered as securities subject to regulation in certain countries. Turnover of the tokens in these jurisdictions would be restricted by magicbtc until appropriate registration occurs.

The LAT Platform will follow KYC and AML rules and apply for relevant licenses where needed.

Independent appraisal of assets sold at magicbtc ensures accuracy of the input information. The blockchain technology provides full transparency of transactions and asset information. And property management by independent trustees protects against the risk of a double sale.

To ensure 100% security, we have implemented DDoS attack security, secure smart-contracts and multi-factor authentication. In addition, before the start of the public token sale we would also get a security audit from a third-party and escrow.